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Things to Consider When Buying a Pair of Sunglasses

Some important things to think about when buying a pair of sunglasses, any time of the year.

According to the National Eye Institute, it’s important to wear sunglasses that block UV rays whenever you go outside during the day. This goes for everyone, no matter what your age is! Overexposure to the sun not only wreaks mayhem on your skin, but can also damage your eyes.

Whether you’re planning to stay in the sun in summer or hitting the slopes in winter, it’s important to spend some time and money into getting the perfect pair of sunglasses. Often the first things people usually consider are brand, price tag and trends, but two important points you might want to also consider are eye safety and making a style statement.

First, some things to remember before buying your next pair of sunglasses:

  • Wear sunglasses throughout the year, even if the weather is cloudy. Even on cloudy days the UV index can be high and hazardous.
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses always with you. If you are overexposed to the sun, it can damage the cornea, harm tissue growth on the surface of eyes, as well cause skin cancer on the eyelids. Sun damage can also lead to the development of cataracts.
  • Check the label on the sunglasses. Sunglasses labelled UV400 come with more than 95 percent UV protection (which is the recommended level of protection). Make sure that your sunglasses have side-shielding or wraparound protection, to prevent sunrays from entering the eye through the side.
  • People often assume that dark sunglasses gives the best protection, however even shades like neutral grey, brown, green, or amber lenses have the ability to block at least 80% of transmissible light.
  • People those who have light-coloured eyes are at a higher risk for eye damage, so it’s essential they were sunglasses whenever they’re in sunlight. If you don’t have side-shielded sunglasses, try to wear a hat with at least a 3 inch rim that can provide some protection from the sun.
What Sunglasses Suit Your Face Shape?

There are so many styles to choose from, from classic silhouettes, retro eyewear, wayfarers or aviators! It’s worth considering though what style best suits your face shape. When shopping for sunglasses online or offline, remember the four basic face shapes: heart-shaped, circular, square, and oval-shaped, as these will help you to choose the best eyewear for you.

  • If you have a circular face shape, go for a square silhouette frame or a sophisticated wayfarer as they always complement the round or circular face shape in comparison to angular frames.
  • Square face shapes are a strong structured facial form, so people with this face shape should try soft edged sunglasses such as round frames or shades with rimless bottoms. Aviators also suit this face shape.
  • For heart shaped or triangle shaped faces, the best option of sunglasses are square frames or wayfarer silhouettes. Heavy frames can be a bit overwhelming on the face though.
  • Oval shaped faces can get away with almost all frames. The only thing to keep in mind is the weight of your frame – you don’t want the frame to be too thick or thin.
Don’t Forget the Frames 

Shopping for sunglasses online has also become popular, with suppliers of wholesale sunglasses providing good deals and offers. Whether you’re buying in a store or online, don’t forget to carefully look at what the frames are made out of and the quality of the materials. With sunglasses it’s worth shopping around and paying a little bit extra to find the perfect pair.

  • Metal frames are commonly known for their flexibility and corrosion-resistance. Although they’re bit expensive, sometimes it’s worth it, depending on what activities you do while you’re wearing your sunglasses.
  • Titanium eyewear is light in weight – about 40% lighter than stainless steel and nickel silver eyewear. It’s also scratch resistance, but often comes with a high price range.
  • If you’re into outdoor games and sports, check out nylon frames – they are resistant to heat and cold and are flexible yet sturdy. TR-90 nylon is one of the best materials for sports and performance frames because they are temperature resistant. Due to its flexibility nylon is easily moulded into wraparound and other shapes, and as such are great for kids and athletes.
  • Plastic frames are affordable and come with a vast range of styles and colours. Being cost-effective and stylish, it’s a popular choice! Another plastic frame option is acetate – they are hypoallergenic and come in a variety of colours and can make a style statement.

These are some things to keep in mind while buying sunglasses. Whatever time of the year it is for you, be mindful of of UV rays and don’t forget to protect your skin and eyes. It’s worth spending a little bit more money and going for good quality sunglasses. Remember that price is not an assurance of safety, so do check the material and label of your sunglasses to protect your eyes (and be stylish at the same time)!

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