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Pregnancy Style: Grey Babydoll Dress + Second Trimester Update

Why babydoll dresses are great for pregnancy, and how the second trimester is going!

I recently looked back at this post where I announced my pregnancy at just over 12 weeks and it didn’t seem that long ago. I was considerably smaller than I am now and I felt sprightly, if a little nauseous.

Now at almost 25 weeks I’m not so sprightly. My back is absolutely killing me and I feel like I’m baking on the inside with the Sydney humidity. Let’s not even mention having both kids at home and the craziness of the Christmas season contributing to fatigue and slight insanity.

Nausea rears its ugly head every now and again, but not as often as back in the first trimester. Sleeping is not a lot of fun, especially with the balmy nights. I find myself waking up just to change sides (as I can’t sleep on my back now), or having difficulty just going to sleep as the night swelters.

While I can’t change anything about the pregnancy, the season or the kids, at least I can cope with the weather by dressing appropriately. The babydoll style dress is great for pregnancy as the “waist” hits above the natural waistline and over the bump. The flowy bottom part of the dress then accommodates the growing bump nicely, and as long as it’s not too short could easily be worn throughout the whole pregnancy.

I had to get this Tobi dress for the pregnancy because A. the babydoll style and B. it’s grey. Although I’ve mentioned my style has changed slightly during this pregnancy, I still have an affinity for grey. Also, the babydoll style is so very feminine and I’m not a super girly girl so the grey kind of tones down the girlishness of the style a little bit.

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I’ll be on holiday for a few weeks and won’t be updating the blog while I’m away! However, follow along on Instagram and see what  I’m up to on my break! Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday lovely people!

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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Grey Babydoll Dress + Second Trimester Update

  1. Oh that is such a cute dress! Will get worn a lot after baby arrives too as it’s a classic cut and colour that will go with everything.

    I hope you get a break in the humidity soon, it was so hard for me being pregnant over summer, I feel your pain. I hope wherever you are going on holiday you find a pool! It was my fave way to beat the heat and all the aches and pains.

    Have a merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Mica! ? There will definitely be a lot of swimming and relaxing this holiday. Passing the munchkins to the inlaws!! Have a great Christmas xx

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