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Pregnancy Style: Keeping cool in the summer heat

So, after the first pregnancy I vowed I wouldn’t get pregnant in summer again.

But there I was for the second pregnancy, stifling in the summer heat.

And here I am yet again, sweltering in summer through the third pregnancy.

It’s been pretty darn hot in Sydney over the last week. It’s become quite humid in the day and sticky at night. You have nights when you’re not sure whether or not to use a sheet.

Choosing an outfit while pregnant is tough enough. Throw in the added challenge of humidity and not only have you got bump to deal with, but also your own level of personal comfort.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, whoever invented elastic is a genius. Shorts and skirts with elasticised waists are a pregnant gal’s best friend, during and after pregnancy. These flowy shorts from Tobi not only have the aforementioned elasticised waist, but are made from a lightweight material to combat the Sydney humidity.

Cotton is also a pregnant gal’s best friend – well really all gals, but especially a pregnant gal’s during summer. I love how this cotton Ragdoll LA khaki tank really complements the colour of the shorts – I could’ve gone with the predictable white or black option, but the khaki goes quite well with the purple. Khaki is a great neutral colour option for days when white is too white (especially with little ones!), or when it’s too hot for black.

Flowy shorts and cotton tanks – this will probably be one of my pregnancy uniforms this summer.

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4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Keeping cool in the summer heat

  1. I love the colour combo! And yes, pregnancy over summer is so much harder! Last time I was just waiting for autumn weather and instead our summer heatwaves continued….it’s the swelling in the heat that makes things so much harder, I felt like a balloon and not just in the belly region, haha!

    I’m all about soft elastic shorts like this too – just stocked up on a bunch of them for summer, even though I’m all done with pregnancy! They are too comfy! 🙂

    1. It was horrid yesterday when the temps hit almost 40deg! I was melting! This morning my lack of sufficient elastic waist bottoms hit hard as I found it hard to pout together a work appropriate outfit… some things to add to my Christmas wishlist I think!

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