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Top Tips for Cleaning the Living Room

Some ideas on how to keep one of the most used spaces in your home clean and tidy!

There comes a time of year when you are ready to give your home a good clean which is beyond the usual tidying that you do on a regular basis. This blog post will focus solely on the living room to give you some ideas of how you can get this particular room looking its best. After all, this is a central living space where you are your family are likely to spend a lot of time, and it is very easy for dirt to accumulate! Here are some tips to give you a helping hand.


Before you get to the cleaning side of things, it is worth giving the room a good declutter to start off with. If you haven’t done this in a long time, you may be surprised by just how much you have accumulated over the years. There are some items which you can move back into other rooms where they belong, some which you can put into creative storage solutions and others which you may want to get rid of entirely.

Dust and Wipe Down Surfaces


You will want to start by getting rid of the layer of dust which has likely gathered all over your surfaces. Once you’ve done this, take a damp cloth and give them a thorough wipe down to remove any remaining dirt.

Wash Cushion Covers, Carpets etc

There is bound to be some items in your living room which need more than a simple clean. Things like your cushion covers and throw rugs will need to be properly washed every once in a while. These are the kind of deep cleaning tasks which will really make all the difference to your living room.

Take Care of Upholstered Items


Upholstered items will require a specific cleaning regime, and this could involve a vacuum cleaner, moistened cloth or a specialised leather product. Make sure that you’re buying a cleaning product which is suitable for your items – one which is going to do the job thoroughly and efficiently.

Use a Microfiber Cloth for Electronics

When it comes to cleaning your electronic products such as TV screens and cables, it’s worth using a special microfiber cloth which is designed to do the job without causing any scratches or damage to the items.

Use a Rejuvenator for Wooden Furniture

All wooden furniture requires specific care and attention to ensure that it stays looking at its very best – and this is certainly the case for any antiques which you have in your home. Use a specialised rejuvenating product which is designed to leave wooden furniture looking as good as new.

What are your top tips for keeping your living room clean and tidy? Let me know!


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