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Tips to Make Your Home Look More Expensive Than It Is

Some ideas on how to make your home look more expensive without breaking the budget!

At 32 weeks pregnant I’m seriously nesting and am in beast mode getting our home prepared for the new addition. BUT I also want it to look presentable and fit for display for when we eventually sell and upgrade! Making your home look more expensive than it actually is, isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is follow a couple of simple guidelines, and before you know it, your home could feel more luxurious and it could even sell for more when you put it on the market as well.


Framed art can make your home feel much more personal and it can also make it look more coordinated as well. It is understandable that you may not have the budget to go out there and buy a ton of artwork, but there is actually a cheap way to get around this. For example, there are loads of free printable quotes online that you could print out and frame. City maps, fabric and even some unused tea towels with artistic prints could be framed. You can even pick up frames from a car-boot sale and this is an even better way to save money.

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Choose a Colour

When you have a home that looks great, you’ll notice that all of the colours seem to work well with one another. You’ll want your home to be cohesive and you’ll also want to have it so the rooms blend in as well. One way to do this would be to work out a colour scheme. You’ll need to decide on a couple of colours that you really like, such as blue and cream or even red and white. (Tip: to make your home look cleaner, use lighter colours.) When you have these colours, you then need to focus on having your decorations in this colour if possible. For example, cushions for the sofa are not hard to come by and it doesn’t take a lot of time for you to pick some up and really accessorise your home.

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Keep Things Tidy

Nothing reduces the value of your home more than having a messy yard. People may even overlook the fact that you even have one when they come to your home because it is hard to visualise a space when you can’t even see it. If you want to avoid all of this, then hire a waste removal service or even a recycling service. Ultimately, if you have piles of trash in your yard or if you have junk that just doesn’t get used anymore then you should try and get this taken care of because it can make your home look much bigger and it can also make it much easier for you to make a sale.

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Here are a few of ways for you to make your home look way more expensive than it actually is and when you do this, you can easily impress people as they come around! You can also add money to the overall value of your home as well and this is ideal if you’re trying to sell. What are your tips for helping make your place look more expensive?

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    1. Thanks Mica! We’re also looking to upgrade the house (can’t live in a 3 bedder with 3 kids!!) so will need to implement some of these tips too!

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