Wardrobe Culling and Style: A Discovery

What happened and what I discovered when I did a wardrobe cull.

My husband and I are in the process of doing some renovations around the house to get it ready for selling, and I’ve been in serious culling mode. We’ve had to pack a lot of our belongings away for the house to be painted and I’ve been determined to get rid of unnecessary items in the house in preparation for the big move.

Over the last month I’ve been a little ruthless with my wardrobe… giving things to the H&M recycle program, donating things to charity, and selling higher end items on eBay. In doing this, I’ve found that I’ve sold or given away items that I liked at the time but really weren’t me; that I thought I’d wear more, perhaps experimenting with a different colour or style.

Some pieces were easy to decide what to do with – anything that was too small or too ratty were given away. Anything that hadn’t been worn for a while went through a more rigorous thought process. There is still the odd item that still has a question mark – this checked shirt for example, which always gives me lumberjack vibes whenever I wear it – but I’m leaving it in the wardrobe for now as I want to give it more of a chance. However, the orange dress I blogged about here while I was pregnant? I considered it thoughtfully and carefully, and came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn’t wear it much anymore.

What remains in my wardrobe? Items that I truly love, that are more representative of me and my style. I have my preferred colour palette of neutrals – lots of black, white and grey, with navy, khaki and tan as accent colours, and red as my splash of colour. My style tends to be classic with lots of stripes and tailored pieces, but with a street wear influence, as evidenced by a love of graphic tees and jeans.

There are some pieces that I don’t wear much because #mumlife – for example, I have some Cecilie Copenhagen pieces that are quite delicate and aren’t really suitable for wearing around 3 young children – but I adore them and couldn’t think of parting with them. I’ve also kept my beloved knitted pieces – these are my pieces of art!

While this strictly isn’t a “capsule wardrobe”, I’m going to consider it as a kind of capsule wardrobe in that I’ve kept all the things I love and are representative of me in here. There’s also room in there for me to add things – for example, I’ve got my eye on a couple of pairs of distressed jeans, and would like to include a white crew-neck shirt for summer – but I’ll remove anything that I’m still unsure about to include these new purchases.

So if you notice that I’m wearing a lot of the same stuff over and over… this is why! With the big move happening in the next few months I’m not keen to add to the sheer amount of stuff we already have, and I’d rather blog about things I love rather than I’m a bit iffy about anyway.

FYI: Because of the renovations I mentioned above I’ll be away from my computer for a week… no blogging while the house is being painted! I’ll be living on a mini capsule wardrobe during that time and will be posting sporadically on Instagram.

What I’m Wearing
Top: Cecilie Copenhagen O top
Jeans: Paige Margot Cropped High Rise Ultra Skinny (second hand)
Shoes: Rag and Bone Harrow boots (second hand)

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