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Outfit: Winterising Summer Dresses

Some ideas on how to extend the life of your summer dresses beyond the warmer seasons.

I wrote about this polka dot dress way back in this post, and am ashamed to say I haven’t worn it since. In that sense it doesn’t well demonstrate the 30 wears challenge, but I think it’s mainly because I’m just not a dress person.

As I’d been wearing a lot of jeans/leggings, sweats and sneakers lately I wanted to change it up a bit, and this dress popped into my head. However, if you read the post about how I tailored it, you can see the dress is not particularly winter-friendly. For today’s outfit (and blog post) I wanted to talk about how summer dresses like this one could be worn in the cooler months, so they can be worn 30 times.

Layering is your friend

In winter I love to layer, layer, layer. Layer up when it gets cold and shed when I get to a warmer environment. With the summer dress, layer it over a long sleeve top, button up or turtleneck, or layer a chunky knit sweater or cardigan over the dress to create a faux skirt effect. This doesn’t have to apply just to dresses – think camis over a turtleneck, for example.

A neutral turtleneck works wonders for this layering trick – think white, black, or grey. Here I’ve layered the polka dot dress over my black turtleneck sweater for extra warmth.

Add tights

Opaque tights are a dress’ best friend in winter. I personally find plain ol’ black the most flattering but shades like burgundy and charcoal look great too. Knee-high or ankle boots will keep the feet toasty.

Try the dress-over-pants trend

I wrote about this trend in this post and it’s a great one for keeping the legs warm in winter. However, I do tend to think this would suit 5’4″ or taller – for us petite girls, a summery tunic (or something this just skims the bottom of the bum) over pants would be better, then topped off with a chambray button up or light denim jacket under a coat. (Did I mention I loved layering?)

Embrace all types of outerwear

Coats, jackets, vests, gilets, shrugs – whatever floats your boat. Wear two of them at the same time. This is your chance to show off your amazing outerwear that’s boxed in your wardrobe for months and months.

Alas it was another warm-ish day today so I ditched the denim jacket I had in mind.

Outfit details:
  • Turtleneck: Max Mara (thrifted)
  • Dress: Emily and Fin (thrifted and tailored)
  • Belt: Dylan Kain (bought secondhand from Facebook group)
  • Tights: Ambra
  • Boots: Human Premium (from Freelance Shoes)
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2 thoughts on “Outfit: Winterising Summer Dresses

    1. Thanks Ruth! Yes I had planned to wear a denim jacket but it was fairly warm so decided against it. You should see me rugged up right now though, so cold! Crazy Sydney weather 😛

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