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Week 2 of Frugal Fashion February

The second week of Frugal Fashion February done and dusted and the weather has been my enemy.

I had great intentions when creating my Pinterest board of outfit inspirations for the entirety of Frugal Fashion February. Or maybe in reality I was just lazy and went through and looked at outfits that I liked and then simply looked at related images and pinned those. However, these pins did not take into account the record breaking temperatures we had in Sydney the last 7 days. As a result, only two of my 5 outfits for the last week were inspired from my pins. (Check my Instagram for the other more warm-weather appropriate outfits shopped from my closet.)

Wearing: $10 Zara blouse from Vinnies Glebe | Witchery coated black dungarees bought last year

The day started off innocently enough. The forecast stated a reasonable 27 degrees.  Sleeves were a good idea in the morning. Even Miss 3 asked for a jacket. I thought it was a good opportunity to try the dungarees pin.

But as the day wore on, the humidity… ah, the humidity. Even though this blouse is sheer and lightweight, I was pumping sweat by 2pm. At 3.30pm I changed into a daggy pair of shorts and a tank. I was done for the day.

Wearing: T by Alexander Wang dress (bought from Ebay) | vintage Coach bag (hand me down) | Sportsgirl lace up sandals

How do fashion bloggers get their flatlays so right? Seriously, if you had a look at my uncropped photos, you’d see piles of clothes, toys, kids’ shoes, the odd book or two strewn around the flatlay.

I’m really into the tan accessories at the moment, and this Coach bag which had been relegated to the back of the wardrobe has been seeing the light of day the last week (and these poor sandals are really getting their #30wears workout). Navy and blue stripes with tan are the perfect pairing – tan “summerises” the navy and makes it look less heavy, if that makes sense.

The cotton of this Alexander Wang dress (bought from Ebay last month) is thicker than your average jersey, and even though it was a 30+ degree day when I wore this I felt more comfortable in this outfit than the dungarees one. The difference showing some leg makes to your level of comfort.

Thoughts on Frugal Fashion February so far:

  • It’s important to keep outfit planning flexible – as great the concept is, sometimes the day doesn’t go quite to plan because of weather, food spills, etc so it’s good to have a back up plan.
  • It’s also important to look beyond the related pins – because there are other outfits inspo pins that are just awesome without looking all samey samey for the next 13 days.
  • I’ve identified other items of clothing that really don’t get much love from me – even though I think I’ve kind of curated a summer wardrobe that doesn’t need much more, I also do think there are some items that could be culled. I’ll wait until March to make those decisions though when I start planning my autumn/winter wardrobe (again with the help of Pinterest).

Keep following me on Instagram to see the outfits I’m creating from the Pinterest inspirations (or otherwise, weather pending!), and let me know what you think of the interpretations!

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