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Week 2 of the #5feetofstyle wardrobechallenge

The wardrobe challenge continues apace with some realisations!

For a refresher on the daily prompts as well as the #winterstylefile challenge I’m participating in now and again, check out this post.

Day 8

Kenzo sweatshirt via Facebook buy/sell group (similar) |
J Brand Super Skinny jeans in charcoal, bought from Salvos Store (in black) |
Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers bought from Vinnies

The prompt for this outfit was “break out an item you haven’t worn in 6 months”, and both the jeans and sweatshirt met this requirement. Having given birth at just a little over 2 months ago my body is definitely not in its “pre-baby” shape. While there are some days when I’m not feeling flash, I’m not in a hurry to lose the baby weight. The jeans are feeling a teensy bit tight and the sweatshirt is more fitted than I would like, but I’m grateful that my body was able to carry a healthy baby for 9 months and give birth safely, so if it means carrying a little more weight than before then I’m OK with that.

Day 9

Sportsgirl hat from Vinnies (similar) |
Wool and the Gang Cable Bomber jacket, made by me |
Zoe Karssen tee (in white and pink) |
Forever 21 skinny jeans (similar)

I’m not much of a hat person – I think because for me hats look better when you have longer hair, when it can be seen from under that hat – or maybe I just haven’t found the *right* hat. I have maybe three hats in total, including this black wool felt one which I haven’t worn in at least a couple of years. I wore it today purely for the photo, then took it off and continued about my day. The fact that it was raining for most of the day also meant I didn’t really need to wear it.

The chunky cardigan was a must though as it was pretty cold that day, and the prompt for the #winterstylefile challenge was to wear a knit – so why not wear one that I’d made myself?

Day 10

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers |
American Vintage joigging pants from Kirribilli Markets (similar)

By the 10th day I was feeling a bit tired of planning what to wear every day, so was thankful for the prompt “mix an expensive item from your closer with something under $100” because I could then wear my very pricey Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers (which I actually didn’t buy with my own money, but won through a competition) with a comfy pair of American Vintage jogging pants (see how I shortened them here) that I thrifted from Kirribilli Markets for $2.

Day 11

Piper blouse from Mercado32 |
Forever 21 skinny jeans (similar)
Wittner mules, borrowed from Mum (similar)

As I mentioned above I was getting tired of planning my outfits, but I did pull out this Piper top (bought from Mercado32 in Perth) to meet the prompt “wear a bold print”. I don’t usually do bold prints as I find they swamp my small stature, so this blouse was probably as bold as I was going to get. And yes, I’m wearing the same skinny jeans as Day 9 – I’m one of those people who doesn’t wash their jeans after one wear. How many wears do your jeans get before they go in the wash?

Day 12

See outfit details in this post

Or Day 3 of being lazy and not wanting to plan my outfit. The long weekend does that to you. So I just wore trackpants for the day and regrammed the dress with sneakers outfit from this post to meet the prompt “swap heels for sneakers”.

Day 13

Max Mara turtleneck from Salvos Stores (similar) |
Polo Ralph Lauren shirt (similar) |
J Brand Super Skinny jeans in charcoal, bought from Salvos Store (in black) |
Office boots (similar)

Refreshed and ready to wear something other than trackpants, the prompt for the day was to “make a neutral outfit interesting by layering and adding a pair of statement shoes”. Wearing a button up shirt under a turtleneck and showing the cuffs and tails is a nice way of layering and showing the cute details of your shirt underneath. For the statement shoes, I went with a Chloe dupe from Office shoes – because the Chloe versions are waaaaay out of my budget, even at the second hand price, and I like to be able to eat every now and again.

Day 14

Alexander McQueen scarf via Carousell |
Saint James Meridien shirt |
Scanlan and Theodore jeans via Carousell (similar) |
Converse Chuck Taylors via Depop
David Lawrence trench coat, very old

It was mixed prints day and I decided to incorporate three prints – skulls on the scarf, stripes on the shirt, and leopard on my jeans. I have a blog post coming up about how I like to mix prints in an outfit, so keep an eye out over the next week for it!

It was a busy day of errands so I went with a comfy pair of Converse sneakers to keep me moving. I probably could have gone a little bit more stylish with my footwear choice but comfort almost always wins over style – and I like keeping it real that way.

Thoughts so far

The main realisation I had in this week was the fact that I had very little colour in my wardrobe. I mean, I was already kind of conscious of this, but more so by the end of the second week. I tend to stick to black, white, grey and navy, with the odd tan/beige or khaki thrown in. The brightest I get is probably red or burgundy with the exception of this dress which I haven’t worn since this post! At first I wondered if I should try to add a bit more interesting colours to my wardrobe, but after reading this article I’ve decided it’s totally OK to leave my colour palette as is. I’m comfortable in these colours, I know everything will mix and match nicely, and I can always add some print or statement accessories and/or shoes to make my outfits interesting.

The other realisation is that I wear jeans an awful lot. As in, it’s kind of embarrassing how I’ll choose jeans over every other item in my wardrobe. This makes me want to challenge myself to try NOT to wear jeans every day. Let’s see how Week 3 pans out.

Read about Week 1 of my wardrobe challenge here!

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2 thoughts on “Week 2 of the #5feetofstyle wardrobechallenge

  1. I find I wear jeans a lot at the start of winter when I’m just too cold to be adventurous with my outfits, and at the end when I get a bti bored. I wouldn’t feel bad about wearing a lot of jeans so far! I think it’s normal, and you do pull together some great jeans outfits.

    I feel a little bad I haven’t participated much in the challenge this week – I’ve been unwell, working from home in my PJs most days. I did get dressed to take the boys to the park as we needed some fresh air and to run around a bit, but trying to fit in a challenge prompt was too much like hard work, ha! Hopefully I can get back into it next week when we are all feeling better!

    1. I’m thinking I’ll have a one week challenge in July where I pull together outfits that don’t feature jeans 🙂 As much as I love them, I should probably wear my other clothes!!

      I hope you and the boys are feeling better! Even when I’m not sick it’s sometimes hard to get the motivation to dress up, haha, but well done for getting out of the house and soaking up some sun – my lot would kill each other if they didn’t get out 😛

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