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Week 3 and 4 of Frugal Fashion February

pinterest inspired outfit

Woops, it’s already 6 days into March and I’ve only just gotten around to writing a round up of the last 2 weeks of Frugal Fashion February.

To be fair, I had a couple of legit reasons for the delay – the 3rd week of February my husband and I caught a fairly nasty viral infection (interestingly the kids were fine), and there were a couple of days where leaving the house was not an option. Then the 4th week entailed a decision to potty train (my second attempt with Mr Toddler) as well as terrible, terrible rainy weather  – which I guess was a good time to potty train, but I also didn’t wear much more than sweats and a tee for most of that week.

Anyway, so onto the outfits I wore in the last 2 weeks of Frugal Fashion February. (The affiliate links I have in what I’m wearing are to the same or similar items.)

Outfit 1

pinterest inspired outfitWearing: Reformation “Feelings” tee bought second hand via Facebook | Blank NYC skinny classique jeans | Kmart black buckle sandals bought second hand at Glebe markets

Activities for the day: staying awake.

I’d had 3 hours of broken sleep the night before. The kids have suddenly become midnight marauders, running into the bedroom at ungodly hours. Even in sleep Mr Toddler doesn’t keep still, so sharing a bed with him means being kicked in the chest or having his torso on my face. A no-brainer outfit was necessary when the brain was functioning on caffeine.

Outfit 2:

pinterest inspired outfitWearing: Bassike sweater bought second hand via Facebook | Gorman polka dot pants bought second hand at Rozelle Markets | Dotti oxfords thrifted from Vinnies

Activities: staying alive

So this outfit was after a day and a half of relentless nausea and headaches. I’d had enough of schlepping around in pyjamas so dressed in something that made me feel a little happier. Polka dots always do the trick.

Outfit 3:

Wearing: upcycled scarf to kimono | Zara organic black tank | Rag and Bone shorts cut off from jeans | vintage leather belt

Activities: staying clean.

Clearly the outfits above don’t match. I started the day off with my white tee and DIY refashion skirt from a man’s button up top, which was very similar to my Pin. However, I was so busy running errands that day (all the ones I couldn’t do while I was sick) that I didn’t take a photo in the morning. Then after lunch when I thought I would have a bit of time to snap a pic Mr Toddler decided to vomit on my striped skirt. I decided to include this non-matching comparison pic anyway to show that hey, life gets in the way of a perfectly good outfit.

I showed the upcycle DIY on my Insta Stories that day, and am thinking of doing other super quick upcycles and DIYs that way so be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my stories 🙂

Outfit 4:

pinterest inspired outfitWearing: French Connection tank | Country Road khaki pants | Kmart black buckle sandals as before | Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody bag

Activities: staying fed

A day of groceries meant an easy, comfy outfit. It’s not often I’m inspired my Kim K (although clearly this is an older pic of her) but I do like this combo. As it was a humid day I ditched the scarf and jacket from the outfit.

Outfit 5:

pinterest inspired outfitWearing: Sportsgirl chambray top bought second hand from Carousell | Blank NYC skinny classique jeans as before | Sam Edelman leopard flats bought second hand from Carousell | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag as before

Activities: staying social

I’m thankful for the cooler weather that’s arrived in Sydney (although it has brought with it some pretty awful rain). I love the different shades of denim in this top and it pretty much one of the only ways I’ll do double denim as it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a full Canadian tuxedo.

While I do love these shoes, sadly I may have to part with them as they made my feet quite sore after a few hours at a kids’ play center and walking around in the afternoon (it seems I’ve been wearing the wrong sized shoes the last few years?! Pregnancy does crazy things to your body).

Outfit 6:

Wearing: Zoe Karssen “Bingo” striped tee | Witchery coated black dungarees | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag as before | JORD Fieldcrest watch in Dark Sandalwood (check details of my giveaway with JORD here)

Activities: staying sane

This was the third day of potty training with Mr Toddler and we both needed to get out of the house due to cabin fever. He has playgroup every Tuesday morning so this was the perfect opportunity to talk to people other than each other and not be constantly talking about potty. (Ah #mumlife.)

Thoughts about the experience?

  • It’s good to have a plan of outfits. I’ve seen a few people share their racks the Sunday before the new week and it’s such a good way to save time in the mornings. Having a Pinterest board of outfit inspiration is a great reference for planning outfits for the coming week. But in saying that…
  • Keep it flexible. There are some days when you want to wear what you had planned, there are days when you don’t. There are days when you want to vomit and want to wear sweats all day. There are days when you get vomited on and need to change your clothes. Life happens.

Any spending transgressions? Yes, the Kmart sandals I wore in 2 of my outfits above – a purchase when I wasn’t meant to be buying anything fashion-related, but a frugal buy at $3 nonetheless. I guess another learning might be that I’m not very good at not spending money, but making sure I buy frugally will help save money.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this frugal fashion series, despite my lateness in posting about the last 2 weeks. Would you do the same or similar? Let me know in the comments below!

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