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Week 4+ of the #5feetofstyle Wardrobe Challenge

The final week of my style challenge featured some of my favourite items in my wardrobe… and a vomit bug.

To recap on what the style challenge prompts are, click here.

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Day 22: Keep it simple with skinnies and a sweater + Day 23: Wear a colour you have not worn in a while

Skipped a day in the challenge so I combined two days’ prompts in one outfit. I had just finished knitting my Strathcona Sweater and it was perfect for Day 23’s prompt, as I don’t wear pink very often! Skinny jeans are and always will be part of my mum uniform. Click here to see more about the sweater and full outfit details.

Day 24: Layer in an unexpected way

A regram for this day’s prompt as I was starting to feel a little under the weather. The unexpected layering comes from winterising the dress by wearing a turtleneck underneath. The spots were also perfect for the eam Style File prompt for the day, #TeamSpots. I love this dress, but unfortunately it’s not getting a lot of love at the moment because #breastfeeding. Click here to see full outfit details.

Day 25: Dress up a pair of distressed jeans

Wearing: Sussan grey cardigan (similar) | Kachel silk blouse, thrifted |
Blank NYC jeans (similar) | Acne Jensen boots (bought from Gumtree)

As much as I didn’t really want to dress up, I felt I needed to keep going until the end of the challenge. I had recently bought this cardigan from Sussan, a store which I normally associate with my mum as it’s her favourite store. I was after a dove grey wool cardigan for ages (this one from Acne is my dream, but alas not in my budget), and the high street options just didn’t seem to cut it. Mum told me about this cardigan and when I saw it in store I was pleasantly surprised but how well it ticked the boxes for me. I’ve already worn it several times since this outfit, and I’m hoping to get at least 10 wears out of it before the end of winter. (Unfortunately it looks like the caridgan isn’t available online anymore, but I’ve linked a similar one above.)

Day 26: Wear a bold coat with simple essentials

Wearing: Free People blazer via Mercado32 (similar) | thrifted Max Mara turtleneck (similar)
Paige Margot jeans via eBay | Acne Jensen boots

OK, what is with all the prompts with bright colours? Don’t they know that I don’t do bold?! Instead of a bold coat, I went with a statement check blazer that was on my wishlist for ages and was super excited to see it on Mercado32‘s Insta feed. It definitely has Hef vibes!

Day 27 + Day 28: sick

Well, these were definite style challenge fail days as I contracted a random vomit bug which lasted a couple of days. The bug also hit my daughter so we were both feeling a bit like death warmed up for a little while. No outfits on these days.

Day 29: Incorporate an office-appropriate blouse into your weekend look

Wearing: Sussan cardigan | Vince shirt, bought secondhand (similar) |
vintage Scanlan & Theodore jeans, bought via Carousell (similar) |
Isabel Marant Leo flats, bought second hand via eBay

While technically not a weekend (it was Friday), casual is pretty much my jam every day, being on mat leave. After feeling a little sorry for myself the last couple of days, I went for a little print mixing with my second hand Vince shirt (one of my favourites, and very excited to be able to wear it again post partum!) and Scanlan & Theodore leopard jeans. And here’s that Sussan cardigan again! It’s become a staple piece in my winter wardrobe.

Day 30: Leave the details to your shoes

Wearing: Uniqlo x IDLF bomber, bought via Carousell (similar) | Forever 21 jeans (similar)  |
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers, bought secondhand | thrifted straw bag from Salvos

Saturdays are our hectic days and so a comfortable outfit was needed. Rather than wear statement heels though, I went with a pair of super comfortable but very shiny gold Golden Goose sneakers. They’re great for elevating a simple neutral outfit and I can still run after my 3 year old on them! I wasn’t sure about getting them initially, but after seeing some of my favourite French IGers wearing them I was sold.

Thoughts at the end of the challenge:

I was definitely getting weary at this point – having to plan an outfit with a theme or prompt in mind when all I wanted to do was wear trackpants was tiring. Because #mumlife. Getting sick also didn’t help! However, it was fun to be able to interpret the prompts in my way and be able to follow along but keep true to my style. Having to follow it for 30 days is definitely tough though, as there were days I just wanted to schlepp around in dagwear and I felt I needed to dress up to meet the prompt! If you’re feeling in a bit of a rut and want to challenge your everyday wear, then definitely check out some of the style challenges on Instagram, but always keep true to your style (and don’t feel bad if you want to do leggings and a topknot every now and again!).

Having said that, I’ve decided to do another style challenge soon – only a 7 day one though. I’ll be posting on Instagram so be sure to follow along there and see what I’ll be doing for my next wardrobe challenge!



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2 thoughts on “Week 4+ of the #5feetofstyle Wardrobe Challenge

  1. You did so well with the challenge! You’re right, sometimes it is more ‘challenge’ than anything when you don’t have the energy (It’s surprising how much energy it feels like it takes to pull an outfit together sometimes!) But it’s good to get inspiration and try different things. Right now it’s too cold to think of anything much though, when are you doing your next challenge? It’s single digits all this week in Brisbane! It will warm up during the day, but it doesn’t make getting dressed in the cold morning easier, ha!

    1. I’ll be doing my next challenge starting Monday next week and it’s a tough one (for me haha!). Basically 7 days without my staple wardrobe item! I’m scared already 😀

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