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What to Love about Sustainable Fashion

It’s great to see the growth of sustainable fashion! Here’s what to love about it.

Fashion trends come and go pretty quickly, but it’s been exciting to see how sustainability has become prevalent in the fashion community. With the increased knowledge and consciousness of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, it’s no surprise really. For years we never asked where those cheap t-shirts were coming from, we just enjoyed the fast fashion and ability to turn over a new wardrobe every season. However, it’s important to be socially conscious, know where your clothing comes from, and how your buying choices affect other people in the world. If you’re just starting out on how to build a more socially conscious and sustainable wardrobe, read on!

Small influencers and bloggers have been firm favourites when it has come to indie brands and seeking out clothing that has ethical values and sustainable, transparent practices. If you are looking to find some inspiration for brands, then you might like to check out bloggers such as Kristen Leo or Daria Daria. You won’t see big fast fashion brands on their feeds, and they have loyal followings for a reason.

Vintage is in. For years it was the opinion the thrift stores and ‘vintage’ fashion was for people who couldn’t afford to shop for new. Now you’d be hard pushed to find a single fashionista without some vintage in their closet. The reason the vintage trend is so good is that you’re much more likely to get pieces you won’t see on the high street, and it encourages people to use clothing for longer. You don’t have to have a keen eye for labels, but you can find some gems in the bargain racks.

Fur is out, and faux is in. There has been a significant movement to see the back of the fur coat, or fur anything for that matter. You might still spy it on the covers of luxury magazines, but there are also plenty of faux options like Unreal Fur. A few huge stores have also decided to ban selling any fur. Selfridges and Net-a-Porter join giants like Gucci, Armani and Jimmy Choo in refusing to take part in the fur trade. 

Handmade and small business is winning hearts all over the world. T-shirts printed in the home of parents and being sold on small online boutiques to brightly coloured hippie clothing. Their artwork is hand drawn, the work is usually unique to you, and they love a shoutout on social media. Supporting smaller clothing businesses is a great way to invest your cash in clothing that is sustainable and matters. Of course, you should find an indie company that’s own beliefs align with yours on this one.

Fair – and not just fast – fashion from designers, labels, influencers and celebrities, helps give sustainable fashion a platform to be recognised. With significant technological advancements, greater knowledge of where some clothing comes from and the means in which it is created, sustainable fashion should become an easy choice for consumers!

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Header image photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash

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