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Why You Should Use a Cobbler

Do you have a cobbler to help extend the life of your shoes? Today I’m writing about why we should use a cobbler to give our footwear the love they deserve.

Remember when shoes were so expensive that you had cobblers fix your only pair (or two) of shoes so that they would last you a lifetime? No? Shoes, like clothes, have become so cheap, that we forget the importance of what a good cobbler can do to our shoes. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to buy a new pair of shoes than get them repaired. However, this is also a hell of a lot more wasteful. Here are some reasons why we need to give our local cobblers more love.

Cobblers Protect Your Soles (pun intended)

Think about it – the soles of our shoes take a lot of beating. If you have a pair of all-leather shoes (including the soles), the bottoms are the first to show wear, even after only a short period of time.

Most people will re-sole only after the the soles have gone paper thin, but it’s worth protecting them even before you wear them. This certainly applies for high-end labels (think about the red soles of those Louboutins!), but you could do this even for your cheaper shoes to help them last longer.

A couple of days ago I received these pre-loved beauties:

I’ll talk about them in an outfit post later, but if you know anything about Acne Jensen boots, they cost a ton. As in $760 brand new. While I didn’t pay that much, I was also well aware that they needed to be well taken care of given their price tag, so decided to have the soles protected.

The soles were in good condition, but the tip of the shoes were starting to wear down. The topy helps protect the soles as well as make sure the tips don’t wear down further.

(If you read descriptions of pre-loved shoes, sometimes you might see that the owner has had the soles “topyed”. That’s just the brand the cobbler will use the re-sole the shoe.)

Cobblers Help Your Shoes Last Much Longer

Along with the topy application on the sole, cobblers will also give advice on how to protect the surface of your shoes, as well as help make your shoes fit better.

The cobbler told me to spray the leather of my boots regularly so that they were more resistant to rain and fading, which I’ve started to do. The spray I use is from Wanted Shoes and can also be used on suede. It’s also great for protecting leather bags and jackets.

While I’ve never had this done before, cobblers also have tricks of the trade to help expand shoes. They can help leather soften up so that the shoes are easier to walk in. They also have those insoles and heel grips that help your shoes stay on your feet while you walk.

Cobblers are a better bang for your buck

When I visited my cobbler to attend to the Acne Jensens, I had two other shoes that needed repairs.

I had a pair of Zimmermann heels that needed repairing. One of the straps had started to rip and the front part of the soles were wearing down.

I also had a pair of Filippo Raphael shoes handed down from Mum. I wore them last Monday to work; the front of one of the soles had started gaping open while I walked.

The total cost to have all three shoes fixed was $126 and at first I balked at the price. I could have bought at least two new pairs of shoes at that price! I thought.

BUT the shoes I would have bought probably wouldn’t have been as comfortable as the Zimmermann or Filippo Raphael ones. While I did have a couple of issues with these shoes, they are overall very good quality, which the cheaper shoes I could have bought probably would not have been.

And really, these shoes still had so much life left in them, it was a shame to leave them in disrepair or ditch them because of things that could be easily fixed. By giving them a new lease on life it means I’m not tempted to buy a new pair of shoes, because I already have them.

Don’t forget that a lot of cobblers are small businesses too, so by supporting them you’re not only helping out your shoes but helping the cobblers continue to work!

Do you have a regular cobbler you use? Do you have any other tips that will help shoes last longer? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Use a Cobbler

  1. My mum has an ancient pair of boots she just continually gets resoled…so when I bought my first ever expensive pair of sandals (in the miss louise sale but still my most expensive shoes…) I had the soles protected before I wore them, to be safe! 🙂 Leather bottoms on expensive shoes aren’t the most durable so you need to be practical to ensure they will last longer. I have popped by a cobbler a few times since then but nothing as major as those sandals.

    1. Leather soles are so beautiful but they wear out so quickly right? (Learned this the hard and expensive way!) Would love to see those sandals in action!! xx

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