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Made It: Wool and the Gang Stripey Coco Mariniere Top

In today’s blog post I’m talking about Wool and the Gang’s Stripey Coco Mariniere top.

When Wool and the Gang had a spend and save promo a few months ago I couldn’t help snapping up the Stripey Coco Mariniere top as well as the Cable bomber (check out my Instagram for the finished product). I’d had my eye on both kits for a while and saving 25% was a pretty good incentive.

It was great to work on a super easy project. The top is basically just two rectangles with a little bit of increasing. The pattern calls for Shiny Happy Cotton, which is perfect for summer (but I’d recommend using wooden or bamboo needles – I was using my thrifted plastic ones and the cotton kept slipping off!). Instead of cutting off the yarn at each colour change I just carried up the side – for the body anyway as this would be seamed.

As always my seamwork isn’t perfect – the stripes on the side don’t quite match up. Seaming is my least favourite thing to do for knitting projects!

I was pretty boring with my colour choices for yarn and went with Midnight Blue and Ivory White – I was after a classic look for this top. Although I’ve purchased the long sleeved version in WATG’s Black Friday sale with Brick Red instead so there’s my foray into colour.

Striped breton-style tops just look so fresh with white bottoms. I’m wearing an old pair of Next linen white shorts (elastic waisted, so should last through the pregnancy!) and I love the pairing. The top is an oversized style so should also last the whole 9 yards, I mean months – I’ll probably wear a nude singlet underneath when the top starts stretching over the bump!

Navy, white and tan is also a classic colour combo so I went with my vintage leather bag thrifted from Surry Hills markets a few weeks ago (shopping sans children is so much less stressful!), and my very well worn Sportsgirl sandals that will probably be glued to my feet over summer. Or, until I can’t bend down to tie the ankle straps.

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7 thoughts on “Made It: Wool and the Gang Stripey Coco Mariniere Top

  1. I think you did a great job matching up the stripes with this! 🙂 I’m still in awe of everything you make – you are so talented!

    Big yes to elastic waist shorts – I just went and bought a bunch because after my pregnancies I’ve become so used to comfy elastic waists – good for a mumtum, haha!

    With your comment on my blog, I found a cute maternity wrap dress on ebay, that might be a good one to try? I feel bad I sold it now or I could have passed it onto you! I ended up selling some and giving one of my friends the rest of my maternity clothes (apart from a few pieces I still wear now outside pregnancy)! Atmos&here have some nice soft non-polyester ones now and then too.

    1. Thanks so much Mica! Hubby thinks I need shares in the knitting company, I spend so much time on it!

      I need to add more elastic shorts to my pregnancy wardrobe – I have 2 so far and am thinking a khaki pair would be a good addition.

      I bought a few pieces from sportsgirl last weekend (including an elastic waist skirt) – I’m finding the pre-pregnancy clothes that can fit to be less and less! Thanks for the tip on the wrap dress on ebay – must keep an eye out for it – I’m on a mission 😀

    1. Thanks Ruth! It’s a great top for summer and for belly bump 🙂 I’m all about clothes I can wear during and post-pregnancy!

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