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Your mountain is waiting… so get on your way!

Happy New Year! How was your holiday break?

Humble apologies for the lack of posting over the last few weeks – we spent the Christmas and New Year break on the other side of the country with the grandparents and extended family which was lovely, but Internet time was limited. I am forever grateful for my husband working in the tech industry and being able to claim unlimited data as part of a work expense. I found myself looking for free wifi where I could and fervently updating my Instagram as that was the only platform I could access between catch ups, beach visits, food comas and general relaxation.

As part of my little break I had some opportunities to think about the direction of the blog too. I started this out as a hobby and as a creative outlet to exercise my writing chops while I was on maternity leave. Now that my other work (because motherhood is my real work) is looming I’m starting to reassess whether I actually want to go back and if I didn’t, what would be the alternative? So far I haven’t had any epiphanies and “other” work is beginning to look like a reality, but I’m also thinking about ramping up the activity on this blog so that I still have that creative outlet to reach for.

So my mountain for this year is to really get going on this blog – so far the posts have mostly been about what inspires me, with a little bit on capsule wardrobes and the odd rant. I’ll still talk about the things that inspire me, but I’m also thinking about some of the following:
reviews: of products, clothing, services, food etc. The more information you can arm yourself with the better, right?
my own capsule wardrobe challenge: I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and now that Mr Milk Vampire isn’t vomiting so much anymore perhaps I can take this up.
collaborations: with other bloggers, small businesses/start-ups, independent designers. This does mean I have to get out there and hustle, but if anyone reading this wants to work together, let’s talk! I’ve started contributing to the website (seriously, go there for some fantastic money and finance tips!), where I talk about all things style. I’d love to work with other sites, brands, products and share my ideas!

I’m so excited to get going on this project! So what is your mountain for 2016? Drop me a line below!


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